I am interested in your traffic

We deliver several integrated services that can bring not only value to your company but also substantially increases your revenue.


Here are listed a few things you can take advantage of:

  • Direct CPA/CPI campaigns (1000+) [various verticals]
  • API Integration (automatically fetch all our campaigns)
  • Smart / Ad Rotator links where you can send fallback destinations, remnant + non-targeted traffic (active in 180+ countries)
  • Smart / Ad Rotator links that you can set up as a WW campaign that accepts all kind of traffic (active in 180+ countries)
  • Flexible payment terms (varying from NET30 to Weekly)
  • Integration with our anti-fraud partner Forensiq


I am interested in your traffic, let me know if you are ready to start making lots of MONEY

CPI, CPL and CPA mobile content campaigns,

We have mainly direct CPI, CPL and CPA mobile content campaigns, really premium stuff. Please, sign up to our platform.

Our Customer Success Team will be in touch with you shortly to recommend you the best offers according to your needs.

We sell traffic – mobile and desktop pops and banners of all GEOs and various targeting.
We have our own exclusive publishers so we’re the only place you could get their traffic.

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  • Huge volume of traffic
  • WW-geo
  • Targeting by OS, browser, web/mobile device & carrier
  • Available formats: desktop, mobile, popunders and banners.

If you are interested in mobile/desktop traffic

Please contact me:

Desktop/Mobile Traffic

We can provide you with high-quality MOBILE WEB/DISPLAY/SMS/FACEBOOK TRAFFIC on CPM and dCPM with CPA/CPL/CPI/CPC goals. Looking forward to get your answer if you are interested.

we are selling high quality of email marketing and desktop display. Were work on CPC/CPM basis. We are serving some of the biggest brands around the globe and we hope to include you in our portfolio.

We work directly with advertisers and run exclusive deals of both desktop and mobile offers. We work with direct advertisers and we have higher payouts. Our top verticals are: Sweepstakes, Subscription, Dating, Skin care, Nutra. Currently, I am looking for quality traffic basic on CPA/CPL in almost all geos.

We are specialized in stand-alone-sendouts and have our own adresslist in DE AT and CH. If you are interested in an E-Mail sendout or you want to know more about us feel free to contract me.

maybe we can work together ,we have good conversion rates in NORDICS,US,UK,CA,AUS,EU.We work within desktop email marketing and display primarily . Any specific campaign you got in mind ? Then it would be easier for me to evaluate. i can provide you traffic under CPC/CPM .

We are providing

We are providing

I’m have a few highly converting adult campaigns (Pin Submit). Please let me know if you have traffic for this kind of offers. Looking forward to Co-Op with you both ways.

We provide traffic Services with email and pre call campaigns and many more.

We are catering a high performing email and display traffics for CPM/CPC in NORDICS, EUROPE and GCC. We collect our data through sweepstakes competition, campaigns and through our own internal sources. We have a lot in casino, forex, fashion and e-commerce. How does it sounds for you? If there’s anything we can work together on this ping me on skype at hakan688

if you are currently in need of desktop, sms, mobile traffic and pop traffic for your campaigns. We have traffic inventory worldwide and work with direct publishers. If you are interested, you can contact me at skype  hakan688

Traffic on CPA, CPL, CPI Basis

I am looking huge traffic on CPA, CPI, CPL basis, and we need great traffic to monetize our qualified offers. Plus, we have many great adult offers and gaming, gambling. If you are interested, please give me a response.

We buy traffic for binary options based on CPA model. Please contact me if you want to sell traffic.

Ich suche nach neuen Trafficquellen für unser Netzwerk. Wir haben sicherlich einige interessante Kampagnen für dich in unserem System (Dating und Mainstream (Games, Entertainment, Apps, Lead Gen etc.).

I am looking for direct publishers with their own traffic to run my offers on my network. Are you interested?

I have a huge and effective global traffic inventory provided by our owned Affiliate Platform. I am looking for exclusive CPA/CPI campaign from direct.  If you have please contact me.

We are seeking traffic for CPI, CPA, and CPL offers. Could you run adult offers? If you can do this, please let me know

Traffic on CPC, CPM Basis

I would like to share with you how we can help your company find more publishers, affiliates or advertisers (buyers and sellers of desktop/mobile traffic, such as imps, clicks, leads, emails, data, video, installs, rev-share, flat fee and many more).

I want currently in need of web display, mobile traffic (web and in-app) and pop traffic for your campaigns. We have traffic inventory worldwide on fixed CPM basis.

We offer email traffic on CPM/CPC basis with our own database for more than 50 geos. If you’re interested feel free to ping me on skype


we have our own platform for email traffic on CPM and CPC basis and Banner on CPM and Impression model, our team consists of several years of online marketing experience working with Advertiser,

skype hakan688


Please contact me about    skype  hakan688






+49 179-803 26 86

Empfehlenswerte Adult/Dating Partnerprogramme

Empfehlenswerte Adult/Dating Partnerprogramme

Diese sind z.B.




Datingfactory (Whitelabel)


Dateyard (Whitelabel)



Übersicht der Ad Networks

Übersicht der Ad Networks

Hier eine Übersicht der Ad Networks mit denen wir zusammenarbeiten:




Traffic Junky














Exoclick has less restrictions in terms of banners and has a bigger selection of Websites
Traffic Junky has some more restrictions on the banners (for example, you cannot use the flashy ones) but they own all the sites, so the traffic quality is normally higher

http://www.ero-advertising.com quite good as far as we know but we are not doing much Business with them at the Moment

https://clickdealer.com this is our biggest Partners.

http://www.JuicyAds.com we work with them. as far as we know they are good

Tips für professionelles Mediabuying

Tips für professionelles Mediabuying

Um optimale Ergebnisse mit Adult oder Dating Partnerprogrammen zu erzielen, sollte man:

– die Banner der Partnerprogramm Anbieter überarbeiten, amimierte gifs einbauen

– möglichst Banner verwenden die in Übereinstimmung mit der Landingpage ist, z.B.

wo die gleiche Frau abgebildet ist wie auf der Landingpage

– fehlende Bannerformate nachbauen

für media buyer gilt folgendes:

1. er hat EIGENE werbemittel
2. er hat EIGENE Landingpages
3. er hat ein HERVORRAGENDES Tracking, damit er genau weiss welches Werbemittel und welche Landingpage funktionieren
4. der Erfolg von Mediabuyern liegt darin, dass sie die Offers besser bewerben als es die Partnerprogramme es selbst tun